Causes and How To Take Care Of Oily Acne Facial Skin

Causes and How To Take Care Of Oily Acne Facial Skin. The skin produces oil that serves as a protective skin from external hazards such as pollution and dust that will enter into the pores of the skin. Besides oil on the skin as a liquid that is able to maintain the youthfulness of the skin and make the skin becomes supple. But the excess oil on the skin, especially the face will add new problems for us.

Excess oil on facial skin or just short we call the face oily will cause lack of confidence when appearing in public because the face will look dull and shiny. The oily face will also capture the air around and settle the dust and pollution on the face. As a result facial pores closed and acne. Oily face can be caused by several factors like the following:

Penyebab dan Cara Merawat Kulit Wajah Berminyak Berjerawat

Causes Oily Face

Crab Food
We know that foods that contain lots of fat are not good in consumption by humans because of the accumulation of fat and cause disease. Excess oil problem is a mild problem caused by consuming more fatty foods.

Unbalanced Hormones
Excess oil on the face is one of the signs a child has begun to enter puberty. A teenager must adapt to the new things that happen to him. In adults, especially women will produce a lot of oil during menstruation. Therefore the activities we do should be well controlled. A balanced diet intake with the activities we do will reduce the amount of oil that comes out of our body.

Incorrect Select Cosmetics
Most girls stepping on teenagers have started to dare to use cosmetic equipment to support his appearance. And that's not the case. But it's good for teenagers not to use cosmetic tools made of chemicals. It can produce excess oil, irritation and make the face more sensitive if the face can not accept these chemicals. Experiment in the hands before deciding to wear one of the cosmetic brands.

Parents not only inherit property to their children but also pass on some genetic traits (definitely). Not close the possibility of parents who have genetic descendants to produce oil will come down to kedannya. This can not be prevented, but still can be overcome.
If we already know where the core of the problem, there we will find a way to overcome the problem. Here are some naturally oily facial care solutions that can be tried before deciding to buy one of the cosmetics brands to deal with oil face:

How To Eliminate Oily Faces

Washing up
Keeping face clearance is very important. To avoid excess oil simply wash your face with soap 2x a day (not more). The excess of washing the face with soap will erode the skin layer of the face and become a danger if exposed to sunlight and even oil production will multiply.

Drinking Water
Drinking 2 liters a day will keep your metabolism in your body. At the time of extra activity if the body contains a lot of water, the sweat will be less mengadung oil.

Warm water
A small towel dipped in warm water that has been mixed with a little salt, wipe it slowly to the face. Feel the sensation of coolness afterwards. Warm water will open the pores of the face and salt will lift the dirt on the face.
Egg whites
Use as a mask. The trick break the egg and separate the yellow and white. Beat the egg whites until frothy. Apply to face and let it dry. Next clean with warm water.

Tomato / Cucumber / Potato
These three fruit can be used before bed. The way is very easy. Wash face first. Then Iris one of the pieces. Apply to face, leave to dry. Towel the next day with towel and warm water. After that rinse with cold water to close back the pores of the face.

Celery leaves
As a seasoning food, it is also able to reduce celery oil content on the face. How to cut small celery leaves, previously prepare the water in a small panic. Enter two glasses of water and wait until it boils. Enter the small cut celery. Boil for 15-20 minutes. Angakat and chill. apply on face evenly. Wait until it completely sinks. Continue to rinse with a facial cleanser.
These are some of the traditional ways of removing oily faces that can be easily done at home. Do not be rash to buy cosmetics manufacturer. In addition to more efficient, using traditional ways do not cause side effects.
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