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Back pain or Low Back Pain (LBP) is a health disorder caused by the body's inability to lift or carry an excessive burden so that the muscles and joints move outside the boundary. People who have entered the elderly are more likely to experience back pain, but can also occur at a young age.

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Causes of Back Pain

Besides being caused by the body's inability to transport heavy loads, there are other factors that cause back pain like the following.

What is meant by trauma here is a direct impact on the waist as hit or pounded vehicles, as well as indirect impacts such as falling from the ladder that resulted in the shift of the spine, even broken or broken bone.

Strain muscles or muscle sprain
Back pain here happens for example when doing sports such as jogging or swimming without beginning with the relaxation or muscle heating. It could also be due to picking up objects on the floor with a hunchback or position causing a burden on the waist or mechanical distortion.

Less Moving
Muscles will be strained when rarely used to move or exercise. Pain can occur for example when doing movement pushing, lifting, pulling and bending.


To prevent the occurrence of interference at the lower waist you can follow the following tips.

  • Avoid smoking habits, live a healthy life with nutritious eating, set diet and exercise routine.
  • When exercising, do not overdo it or push yourself. If the body feels tired, better rest for a moment, if a little better then continue to exercise again.
  • If you are fitnes, do not lift the weight of iron that is actually unable to lift.
  • When picking up or picking up items on the floor, it is better to crouch or bend but the back position is perpendicular horizontally, and the pedestal used is the thigh and calf muscles.

Drug Pain

How to treat a medical or natural back pain that you would choose?

If the medical way, the first step you should do is consult a physician, or direct consultation to experts tulnag and orthopedic. To make the diagnosis, you can support by doing X-rays, CT Scan, or MRI.

While the second path is to take traditional pain medication (natural alternative), following the guidelines for the manufacture of drugs.

Roots of Blustru

  • Prepare the ingredients in the form of 1 cup warm wine and enough root of blustru.
  • Burn the root of the blustru which is tiled, then puree by pounding.
  • Take the result of the blustru root collision that had been burned was about 10 grams, then brewed in 1 cup warm wine.
  • Drink this drug out.

Leaf Encok

  • Take 1 to 5 grams of gout and 1 tablespoon whiting.
  • Mix both ingredients in a container, then crushed.
  • Apply the ingredients at the sides of the sore waist. For pregnant women it is prohibited to apply drugs on the abdomen.

Pagoda Flower Root

  • Take 4 glasses of boiled water and 30 - 90 grams of dried pagoda root.
  • Boil the roots of dried pagoda in 4 cups water until the remaining 2 cups.
  • Wait for the heat to decrease, then strain the water and drink 2 times a day as much as 1 cup.
  • The second way can be by smoothing the roots of dried pagoda flowers, then brewed in a cup of hot water. When the heat is reduced, drink the steeping water until it runs out.
Back pain can happen anytime, because it's the best thing you can do is avoid it. Therefore, start a healthy lifestyle and stay away from things that endanger health.
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