Tips to Strengthen Maternal and Infant Bonds

Tips for Strengthening Maternal and Infant Bonds - Maternal and Infant Bonding is established during pregnancy in the form of biological ties or physical bonds and psychological bonds or inner bonds. These two bonds must be properly preserved to promote harmony and health both physically and mentally. By building a positive bond, it is hoped that the mother and baby have physical health in the form of normal fetal growth and have resistance to disease, and psychologically mentally the baby will develop optimally according to his age, in other words the baby will have physical and mental health as well.

How to maintain a bond between mother and baby physically or biologically can be done by consuming enough nutritious food to meet the needs of the mother's body and the needs of baby's growth. Highly nutritious foods such as starchy or carbohydrate foods, proteins or body building substances, vitamins and minerals that perfect the deficiencies of substances for the body's defense against disease, and others contained in the four healthy foods five perfect contained in rice or bread, meat, eggs, green vegetables or reddish yellow vegetables, fruits and milk or honey. Other foods are needed to cover up deficiencies of certain substances such as iodized salt which can prevent thyroid disease in infants, iron, and re-hydration fluids to reduce dehydration that is harmful to the health of the mother and baby.
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In addition to nutritious food, adequate rest is also needed for the mother's body is always fit that results in good for baby's growth, dutambah with a balanced body motion is not too heavy that can make the body tired. Health care and treatment performed by the mother regularly and consultation with a doctor is expected to maintain the health of mothers and infants as well as prevention and treatment of various diseases.

The inner bond can be strengthened between mother and baby by developing positive feelings in the mother in the form of acceptance with joy to the presence of the baby in the fetus. The warm feeling of love from mother to baby should be maintained by continuous communication between mother and baby accompanied by stomach stomach or verbal communication (speaking) to the baby so that the baby can recognize the mother or father's voice.

Strengthening Maternal and Infant Bonding after birth can be done by kissing the baby's head, gazing at it within a range of about 20 cm to 30 cm where it is the optimal distance for the baby to see the object clearly, and embrace it or embrace it immediately after delivery to give communication to the baby through the touch of the skin and strengthen the inner bond of warmth and love given mother. Breastfeeding is the first time for babies is a food that contains high nutritional value for infants and contains the substances that are needed baby to keep the baby's body from disease disorders.
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