Preparing Baby Birth Tips for Pregnant Women

Tips for Preparing the Birth of a Baby for Pregnant Women - Women who are pregnant and have entered the last weeks of the ninth month of pregnancy can immediately prepare to welcome the birth of the baby. Preparation well done before birth will help the birth better, from the side of pregnant women will become more ready to give birth and not bothered by thinking of preparation when the birth time is urgent. When the moments of birth are very close, the mother will have difficulty remembering carefully the items to be brought to the maternity or other preparations because the concentration of expectant mothers is already focused on the birth and the baby, so that the preparation for the birth should be done as early as possible at times relax.

Preparing for Birth Babies can be performed during the last week of pregnancy upon entering a calm period before delivery. The existence of a calm or relaxed period for pregnant women before the birth process usually occurs in the last weeks of pregnancy where pregnant women often feel lazy and prefer silence or daydreaming. This is a natural condition as a result of the production of natural endorphin enzymes in the body of pregnant women. Endorphins are pain relievers that the body produces naturally and cause a sense of relaxation in the body of pregnant women. The production of endorphins in the body of pregnant women signifies the readiness of the body in helping the birth process by preparing the pain-nourishing enzymes during the birth process takes place.

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How pregnant women take time to relax before birth due to the production of this enzyme endorfin can do the following things:

  • Pregnant women in the last weeks of pregnancy or during these relaxing periods can keep doing daily activities as usual, completing activities can reduce pain, but not excessive activities that can cause fatigue or exhaustion. Activities at this time are very well used to prepare the birth process such as preparing goods or other equipment that will be taken or used in the process of labor or postpartum such as maternity equipment, equipment for the baby to be born and other equipment that are considered important.
  • Another thing that must be prepared in the period of relax until the moments before pregnancy is the health of pregnant women are excellent. Excellent health can be done by consuming high nutritious food and energy intake of power builders such as honey and others so that pregnant women can collect enough energy needed in the process of birth.
  • In addition to a healthy body and in a fit state, pregnant women should build a positive mental attitude resulting from positive thinking about the smoothness of the baby's birth process. Think positive and reduce anxiety and give birth to positive mental attitudes such as optimism, confidence and beliefs that will generate positive energy to help facilitate the birth process.
  • Pregnant women can know things that can make them calm, comfortable and feel relaxed at birth, and mom can tell her husband or labor doctor if that's possible.
  • The psychological things that a mother can do is build communication with the baby to be born. Pregnant women know how to communicate with the baby, so the baby can get out in time easily and in good health.

So here are some tips on Preparing Baby Birth for pregnant women that we can summarize and share for you. Hopefully can add insight in the preparation for the birth of the baby.
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