Preparation For Pregnancy Active And Alert

Preparation For Pregnancy Active And Alert - Preparation For Pregnancy is a must for women who will forge fertilization in their womb. This preparation is necessary for the duration of an optimal, healthy, and generative pregnancy with the perfect quality and the desire of the family. Many factors to watch out for women who will or are undergoing fertilization to make preparations early to maintain the safety of mother and fetal health, such as:

Persiapan Untuk Kehamilan

Identify Viruses And Diseases Existing In The Body

Preparations For Pregnancy to be done for women who want pregnancy, it is recommended to check some viruses that are prone to infect the body in pregnant women, such as rubella virus, cytomeglovirus, herpes, varicella zoster. Virus and disease checks are performed to reduce the risk of fetal disability. In addition to the examination mentioned earlier, it is also expected to conduct the examination of sexually transmitted diseases. This is because it causes death in the mother, fetus, and also the baby to be born later. And do some other intensive health checks.

Blood Investigation

Blood type contained in the compounds produced between husband and wife of course also very necessary to be examined, because the antibodies in the human body contained in the red blood cell canal. This examination is useful to anticipate the differences in Rh / r and also blood type between mother and baby blood. Preparation For Pregnancy should be done to avoid the threat of disturbance to the fetus.

Genetics Factor Check

In essence, the preparation of pregnancy by examining a genetic test is to identify a congenital disease or defect that is likely to be a health effect for the baby as a result of the genetic disease brought by both couples. Especially if the embryo produced both couples are still bound to your genetic relationship.

Ideally, Preparation For Pregnancy by performing this type of examination should be applied before the pregnancy is experienced by a woman, in order to obtain complete and clear information. If complete and clear information has been received, just how the next decision will be taken by the husband and wife later.

Administration and Mental Preparation

Once again preparing for pregnancy is very urgent to be done for women who will or are pregnant, because pregnancy itself is a gift of power given to us. In addition to thinking about various pregnancy health preparations, it is also advisable to concentrate also in estimating how much money and expenses will be incurred for the ongoing process of pregnancy as well. For the problem of administrative costs required for the smoothness of the process of pregnancy can be discussed with your spouse, in order to create harmony in decision making.

As for some costs that need to be considered to be prepared in order to prepare for pregnancy, among others, the cost of health administration, namely consulting doctors, some examinations, drugs that support health and also the process of childbirth. Also required post-natal administration costs, including baby clothes, diapers, blankets, sleeping bad babies, and so forth. And it is also advisable to prepare other unexpected costs.

Next is mental preparation. Where the mental and psychological condition of a prospective mother greatly affects the condition of the baby in the womb. Therefore, parents are required to prepare carefully, both mentally and psychologically to face all the process of Preparation for Pregnancy for nine months later. The reason, during that time will be very many changes that will occur and afflicting the mother psyches that contain and for the father. Keep trying to control the inner emotional and also the mind to be furthest from the pattern of fikir that is not good or negative thinking. And always remember that the behavior and behavior of a person is controlled by a thought.
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