How To Eliminate Eyestrain Eyedrops

Eye pockets or panda eyes are health problems in the skin around the eyes that are thinning and the color changes become darker. The cause of eye bags commonly experienced by most people is often stay up or sleep deprivation.

The presence of a pouch under your eyelid will indirectly reduce your attractive appearance, but it also reduces the confidence when you want to converse with a friend let alone a lover. Therefore you have to do regular maintenance so that eye bags can be lost.

cara menghilangkan kantung mata

How To Eliminate Eye Pouch

Here I have collected from some references in the form of articles on how to remove eye bags from staying up or other factors.

Compress With Ice Stone

Often see the wrestlers whose eyes are black or the other "bengap"? Usually when the round is over the nurses will compress their eyes with ice cubes. The purpose of eye compress with ice cubes is to reduce bruises on the eyes.

Seeing the case was ice cubes can also be used to restore the freshness of the eye. You just have to lie down for a while before going to bed, then prepare a basin containing a few blocks of ice, stick under your eyelids. Let the ice cubes cool the eyes for 10 minutes, then wipe your eyes and rush off to sleep. Feel the freshness of the next day.

Mask Potato

Potatoes contain phosphoric acid and citric acid capable of relieving inflammation or inflammation and not containing astrigent. Because of this then many experts who recommend eye puffers to use a mask of potatoes.
How to make potato mask to remove panda eye:

  • Prepare one potato that has been peeled, then wash.
  • Slice thin and mash until smooth.
  • Use soft potatoes to compress the area around the eyes.
  • Allow up to 30 minutes duration, then lift the potato and clean the eyes.

This method is quite effective for treating eye bags.


This fruit is rich in minerals, vitamins C and B1 which every nutrient is good for maintaining healthy skin as a whole. Because bengkoang also gives freshness to the skin, using it to eliminate dark circles in the eyes also proved effective.

The way is enough to shred the fruit bengkoang, then use it with a compress or mask. Leave on for 15 minutes, then clean. Do it regularly until the eye bags are lost and if less effective you can use the next tips.

Tea Bags Used

Do not you think the dregs on the bag of tea bags that have been used are not useful. Actually dregs bag tea bags from black tea or green tea has the benefit to tighten the skin because there are substances tannin. In addition the function of this substance can also launch blood vessels.

The relationship with eye bags is the same as other materials that are used to compress the eye. The steps are very simple, prepare a pair of tea bags that have been used, soak them into cold water first. If you have, compress directly in the area under the eyes every morning and before bed.


The fruit also gets a part in terms of fading black on the area around the eyes. In addition, cucumber is also efficacious to launch a system of blood flow in the body. How to compress the eyes wear tmun is very easy.

Slice thinly of cucumber, then paste every 2 slices on both eyes. Perform this treatment while closing or closing the eyes. If you are a person who way of sleep fairly neat, better to do this way while sleeping for maximum results.

Thus the use of care to reduce the fatigue in the eyes due to activity staying up. Actually the way to eliminate the most effective eye is to add hours of sleep or at least enough time to sleep daily, ie for 7 - 8 hours a day.
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