Hold Cats While Pregnant May Not Yes?

Hold Cats While Pregnant May Not Yes? - Not the cat itself but cat feces that contains toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis contained in cat feces can lead to increased risk of miscarriage and birth defects in infants. Now the mother means to avoid cat feces instead of cats yes mother. If the cat has been mothers since she was not pregnant, what should be removed or even mother's sale when pregnant mother, not first mother. Check out the following article that will discuss holding the cat during pregnancy.
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Hold Cats While Pregnant

Toxoplasmosis is very dangerous for the development of the fetus because it can infect mother until the danger is the miscarriage of mother. It is known that cats can carry parasites that cause toxoplasmosis, this parasite lives in cat feces. Well, so the mother when pregnant good mother do not hold or clean cat feces. Ask someone else or your spouse to clean it up. Mother also is not allowed to clean your pet cat cage. Not a matter of Holding Cats While Pregnant is to be avoided but hold cat litter.
Cats are not the only cause of toxoplasmosis but meat that is not cooked well or cooked and also vegetables consumed without washing first also contributes to the spread of parasites that result in toxoplasmosis so do not necessarily trust the myths hold cat danger for pregnancy. If the influence of toxoplasmosis lightly can cause a miscarriage earlier it can more seriously affect the congenital defect suffered by the prospective baby mother, damage to the senses of vision, brain and other problems so that the mother should pay attention to this. If the mother is forced to Hold Cat While Pregnant then try to always wash hands and feet afterwards.

If the mother wants to keep the cat also choose a cat that is in the pet shop do not choose wild cats that roam, because the risk for toxoplasmosis infected much higher. Moreover, the mother does not know exactly where the cat lived before because the environment can also affect the higher risk. Although the mother is very fond of animals and can not bear to see the cat, good mother hold back mother's desire to keep it for the health of fetal development of mother. You love to play and Hold Cats While Pregnant Better cats keep the mother in the house, can put mother in the living room or other places that are clearly not outdoors, because the same previous environment such as the park can cause high risk of cats to attack toxoplasmosis.

Well, mother besides the mother also need to pay attention to eating consumed by the cat mother. As do not give raw food to the cat because it will increase the risk of toxoplasmosisnya bigger, try to give a special meal cat this will slightly suppress the risk. Mother can more often put a cat in the mother's cage to avoid cats chasing wild rats and even eat them, by eating these wild rats will certainly further increase the risk. The obvious mother is not forbidden to hold the cat during pregnancy but reduce the intensity and also completely avoid holding cat litter. And after the mother holds the cat while pregnant, it's good mother to wash hands and feet before handling food and so on.

Mother does not have to worry about excessive first, many kok other mother out there who also keep the cat not even just one tail. Some of them maintain 5 tails and even there are 15 tails and able to undergo the process of pregnancy smoothly and healthy baby born. His other mother notes are to avoid cleaning dirt and cat cages, washing hands and feet after holding a cat or playing with a cat and not avoiding Holding Cats While Pregnant.
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