Baby Signs In Prime Condition

Baby Signs In Prime Condition - Knowing the condition of the baby is very important for the mother, especially if the mother wants to provide stimulation to the baby in the form of lessons or early communication for the baby. The prime condition of the baby makes it possible for him to accept and respond well, since basically the baby is in top shape to do his own research on the environment in which he is in nature as a result of his growth and developmental drive. As a baby will observe objects that are nearby and he lifts his legs close to the object or object that attracts his attention. Stimulation or lessons provided by the mother is useful to accelerate the channeling of stimuli so that the baby can learn more optimally.

Infants who are not fit, like being sick or fussy and not having good concentration or attention, are less likely to be forced to "learn" by their mother or father. So also babies who are in a state of hunger, drowsiness or look tired should not be forced to receive stimulation from the mother.

Bayi Dalam Kondisi Prima

Baby Signs In Condition Prime or condition ready to receive learning stimuli in the following circumstances:

  • In terms of physical health, babies are in good health and show normal physical conditions such as regular pernafasnnya, babies in a state full enough, not fussy or not in a state of tears easily.
  • The state of the infant shows a calm behavior that does not wiggle. Babies usually stay and watch the surrounding environment.
  • When sucking milk, the baby sucking slowly or not sucking at all a sign he is quite full. The muscles of her cheeks seemed to relax not tense and her eyebrows slightly raised.
  • If someone calls him maybe he will look up at the person calling him, especially his mom or dad, this indicates he can receive and respond to the stimuli that come to him, at this time the baby can be invited to play or study.
  • When the baby is shown a certain object at a distance of 30 cm, his eyes will be fixed on the object, he does not see around here as a sign of attention or some sort of focus on the object being seen. Under these conditions babies can be invited to receive and respond well, and this condition is great for teaching babies.
  • The baby will try to reach what he sees or attracts his attention by moving the tip of the toe toward the object. This is a sign that he is in a state of observation or learning to observe the environment around him, this time is very appropriate to provide stimulation or stimulation of communication or lessons that would give mother to the baby, either introduce words, body parts, introduce the place or the environment and others.

So have some Baby Signs in Prime Condition, hopefully the above information can be useful!
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