8 Types of Sports Shrink Belly

Fat or bloated belly is a serious problem, because it can lead to heart disease and even stroke. Being overweight is not easy to overcome, but while you want to try various ways to lose weight for example by routinely performing various types of sports, of course, to fruition.

In addition to exercise shrink the stomach, you also need a name to apply a healthy lifestyle. But it will not be discussed in this article, because the topic will be discussed this time more towards the type of sport in question. Immediately you refer to the following reviews and if you already understand, live as a daily routine.

Exercise Shrinking Stomach

Olahraga Mengecilkan Perut

Exercise Shrinking Stomach

1. Run or walk
Walking leisurely and even running can be your top choice. Indeed, when viewed in plain there is no relationship between the movement of the leg with the effort to shrink the stomach. However, it does not hurt if you do this light exercise. Because, if used to walking or running will help burn more calories. As a result all the body parts will be slim.

2. Cycling
Sports this one is actually also no relation to the effort to erode the fat in the stomach, because cycling emphasizes power on the foot to pedal pedal. However, back to the initial context as it was already described. Cycling can burn 250 - 500 calories per day if you do it for 30 minutes only.

3. Chair Leg Raise
This type of exercise can only be done at the gym, and more suitable if the man who did it, but there is nothing wrong if done also by women. You can ask details about how to do this movement to instructors who are already experts in the field. Here is a guide video for you who want to try Chair Leg Raise.

4. Vertical Leg Crunch
Vertical Leg Crunch Movement is quite inconvenient and draining, but if you want to get a slim body within a short period of time, Vertical Leg Crunch exercise is perfect to apply.
So, Vertical Leg Crunch movement is almost similar to sit ups, only while raising both legs as high as possible (such as candle stance). Lay your body on the mat, then put both hands behind the head and lift both legs up, try straight. The next process is to pull the body up like a sit-up movement, hold about 15 seconds, then repeat.

5. Elliptical Trainer
Elliptical trainer is a sport that can only be done in the gym, but if you have enough money to buy the tool, it is better because it can while watching TV at home.

Elliptical trainer is a sport devoted to people who are easy to experience pain. The method is almost like a treadmill, but the two legs are not like running, but walking like climbing a ladder.

Here's an ET movement video that you can follow:

6. Bicycle Exercise
You do not have a bike to exercise in order to shrink the stomach? Try Bicycle Exercise. The only tool you need is a mattress and a will, without which your movements will not be effective or have a positive impact on the body.

First, lie on a thin mat, then take a sit-up position. Raise your right knee, then find or attach it with left elbow. Take turns with the other side, and keep doing the looping until you think enough.

7. Ball Crunch
The ball crunch movements are very similar to sit ups, but you do this movement over a large round ball. For an explanation of how to do it, you can view the following videos and customize them to your primary needs or goals.

8. Sit Up
The last sport the easiest and most suitable anyone to do is sit ups. If you previously rarely sit up, do not force to excess in doing so because the stomach muscles will be tense and sore. Make sure that there are people who accompany you to do sit ups, whether it's friends or hire direct gymnastics instructor.

All the exercises to shrink the stomach can not be done at once, choose one or two and not more than three, because basically all movements are devoted to shrinking fat in the abdomen (especially). Focus on one option and do it every day for maximum results.
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