7 Best Benefits of Lemon, One to Rejuvenate Face Skin

You need to know in advance that there are countless studies that reveal the best benefits gained from lemons to detoxify the body and to beautify the skin. Lemons can not only be consumed alone, but also can be mixed into other foods, such as made sauce, drinks, salads, and dessert. Interestingly, lemons are effective against disease. This is because the vitamin C content is high. Vitamin C is one type of natural antioxidant that is free to fight free radicals. In addition, vitamin C also aids the process of collagen formation in the body and minimize asthma symptoms. Here we are lansirkan 7 best benefits that can be obtained from lemon for health and beauty, one of them is to rejuvenate facial skin.

7 Manfaat Terbaik Lemon, Salah Satunya untuk Meremajakan Kulit Wajah

7 Best Benefits of Lemon, One to Rejuvenate Face Skin

Damp skin

The main composition of this fruit is water. Water is a major component in the body that amounts to 60% of the body weight and every system in the body can be useful normally if the amount of water in the body is sufficient. This water will bring toxins out of the body. Well, adding lemon to your daily menu will help you get some water to fill your body needs. In addition, its vitamin C content is known very well to moisturize your skin.

Help lose weight

Lemon provides many benefits to the body, in addition to high vitamin C, one component of this fruit is a polyphenol that is known to help limit the increase in body fat. In addition, lemons will also help the body burn fat more efficiently during exercise.
Helps grease digestion and detoxify the body

Lemon is the fruit of acid, where the fruit - the fruit of this acid has a pectin content, which is fiber that can aid digestion. The pectin content that is in the lemon is more than the citrus fruit, like the content of citric acid in it. Citric acid itself can also aid digestion. In addition, lemons can also help the enzyme work in the body to stimulate the liver and get rid of toxins. Because it includes a mild diuretic, so long as you consume lemon, then you will more often to the toilet, remove all components that are not needed by the body. This will help detoxify your body.

Remove bad breath

Acid components that exist in this lemon fruit was also able to help prevent the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Its strong acidic acid will help the secretion gland to secrete more saliva, so it can reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth. There are several ways to overcome the problem of bad breath with lemon, ie by consuming a drink mixed with lemon, or you can also directly consume lemon without any additional.

Prevent the formation of kidney stones
Not only good for kidney health, it turns out vitamin C in lemon also can dissolve kidney stones. High citric acid content contributes to reduce the risk of kidney stones. Citric acid that is in the lemon can reduce the acidity in the urine, so potent reduce the risk of kidney stones formation.

Rejuvenate facial skin
As we age, the production of collagen in the body will decrease. Well, the decline in collagen production will cause the skin to be wrinkled and loose. Because lemons contain high vitamin C, lemons can help the body produce more collagen, so lemons can make your facial skin softer, tight, and prevent wrinkles.

Overcome various problems on the face
Not only can rejuvenate facial skin, lemon also can overcome various problems on the face, such as acne and black spots. The reason is because lemons contain natural astringents and antibacterials that are useful for peeling and help release dead skin cells faster. Not only that, these components can also prevent clogging pores.

Well, that's 7 best benefits lemon that we can inform. So, there's no problem if you want to include these lemons into the daily menu, because the benefits contained in them are not only good for your health but also your beauty.
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