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Not only disrupt the appearance, dry lips and cracked if left unchecked would be very disturbing health. Lip skin may look darker, peel, until bleeding, especially if you do not care for your lips are.

Healthy and moist lips will certainly feel more comfortable and interesting to see, but many factors can be the main cause of disorders of the lips, especially dry and cracked lips. Some of them are due to environmental conditions, for example, weather and room temperature, natural conditions of certain diseases, and bad habits.

Keep in mind also that, the condition of dry lips and cracked into the lips are less moist, especially lips do not have oil glands like skin on other body parts, so the lips can not lubricate itself. So you should pay more attention to the treatment of this section to stay healthy. To overcome dry and cracked lips, here are some tips that you can try. Please see first and practice yourself at home.

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5 Tips Overcoming Dry and Broken Lips - Broke

Using potroleum jelly

This is the most effective ingredient to overcome dry and cracked lips. The material can be applied to the surface of the skin, which will be useful to protect the level of fluid in the skin surface. So that the skin will be awake moisture, also help the healing process in case of injuries on the skin.

Using a lip moisturizer with sunscreen content

It's important to keep your lip moisture dry or cracked. You can use a lip moisturizer with sunscreen content every activity outdoors. Therefore, ultraviolet exposure is quite easy to make your skin lips so dry and easy to peel.

Avoid exposure to allergens

Tips to overcome dry lips and crack - the next rupture is to avoid exposure to allergens. If your lips include sensitive, then you must avoid exposed to allergens that can trigger a recurrence of allergies. One example of such allergens is a cosmetic product in which contains a particular fragrance or chemical substance.

Avoid mutual habits - replace lipstick

For those of you who use lipstick every day, you should avoid excessive lipstick replacement, especially for matte lipstick type. Because this type of lipstick makes your lips dry. If necessary, please use any moisturizer before and accordingly use lipstick. You can also use petroleum jelly to remove lipstick, as well as moisturize your lips.

Avoid tugging at the skin of peeling lips

If your lips look peeling, then you should avoid pulling at the skin of the peeling lips. Because this can only make your lips bleed. The solution, you can use a lip scrub to remove dead skin cells. Put it on your lips with your fingers, then gently rub, and use a lip moisturizer afterwards. You can even make your own using honey or petroleum jelly mixed with a little sugar.

Well, that's 5 tips to overcome dry and cracked lips. If you are experiencing a serious lips disorder and not getting better, you should immediately see a doctor.
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