19 Ways to Whiten a Natural Body

Few people have problems with the blackened underarms. The main triggers of darkening underarm skin are sweat that accumulates, body dirt (daki), and errors in shaving hair (hair) armpits.

The use of skin care products for underarm skin alone is not enough to be an effective solution to get a natural white or sunny color. You have to inculcate mindset (mindset) healthy and clean life first, covering all things. As for example (in this case) is to use deodorant or anti-perspirant as necessary, and the total in cleaning the rest of the product used after the move.

How to Whiten Underarms

Black armpits can eliminate confidence
If you want to get a bright and clean skin color in the armpit, some natural whitening way in the article this time you may need. Before that, eliminate bad habits that will thwart your efforts and slow down the results.

These habits can be pulling his own armpit hair that over time makes the skin cells inflamed and accumulate on the skin, so it becomes black and arise wounds that are difficult to heal. Read more You can read the article how to remove the armpit hair naturally and modern. Now, go to the discussion tips brighten skin color underarm with natural treatment.

1. Lemon

So far, what do you know about lemons? Is it, or is it an adorable shape?

You need to know also, in addition to refreshing when made juice. Apparently, lemon fruit is the best choice as well as natural that can brighten dark skin color on some parts of the body, including armpits. Lemons contain natural, anti-septic, and anti-bacterial cleansers that consistently provide extra protection for the skin. Both from outside and inside.

Here's how to use lemon to whiten armpits:

  • Provide a piece of lemon, if the size is too large, cut into two parts. Also prepare a moisturizer product that you normally use to wear afterwards.
  • Cut or slice a thick-sized lemon (to be grasped) into sections.
  • Clean the underarm skin first with water, rinsed only.
  • Before taking a bath, use the lemon slices to rub both parts of your armpits until the heat arises.
  • After that, immediately apply a thin moisturizer on the surface of underarm skin to prevent skin burning due to rubbed lemon earlier.
  • This habit can help you get white skin like a deodorant product ad star.

2. Baking Soda

Baking soda can be easily and cheaply you earn. Various benefits for the skin was also owned by this cake maker. Quoted from Amazine, baking soda we can use for beauty treatments. Such as eliminating acne, brighten the face and armpits, prevent acne scars, and skin exfoliant agent (natural exfoliant).

Before use, of course you should try this product first to check whether baking soda is suitable for your skin type or not. Make a baking soda paste and polish it on your knees, when it feels hot after a few minutes, the sign of your skin does not match (replace with other ingredients). If on the contrary, then be good news because this material is rumored to have a good enough contribution in the field of care.

How to whiten underarm skin with baking soda:

  • Prepare a small container, pour baking soda powder as much as 3 tablespoons. Pour also water or rose water (alternative) to form a thick paste.
  • Use your hands to grease the baking soda paste into the underarm skin until it dries, then wipe and check the skin moisture. If dry, then use a little moisturizer.

3. Potatoes

If at the previous point you are advised to use baking soda, but the results do not match, then the other natural alternative is potatoes.

Potatoes contain natural bleach ingredients that have mild acidity, unlike the lemon that ends in use of dry skin traces. In addition, potatoes are also safe for sensitive skin. So, everyone can use potatoes to whiten underarm skin.

How to whiten armpits with potatoes:

  • Collect ingredients such as a potato (peel the skin and clean), cotton, water, and grime that has been cleaned.
  • Prepare a concave container, then grate the potatoes and put the grated potatoes into the container.
  • Grated potatoes and juice are collected in other containers.
  • Use a finger or cotton pad to be applied to the underarm skin, then armpit massage lightly for 5 minutes.
  • Finally, rinse your armpits with water. This activity can you repet a day up to 2 times. Hope in a week will look pretty good results.

4. Cucumber

Cucumber is a vegetable crop that is often made with vegetables with sambal, it feels good again healthy. When taking cucumber regularly, then the skin will be nutritious from within. Some benefits cucumber ie tighten and whiten skin, remove panda eye bags, and much more.
Here's how to whiten skin with cucumber:

  • Take 3 cucumbers, preferably cold (put in the refrigerator first).
  • Next, mash until the cucumber is destroyed. If you want instant, use blender without water. Pour and fit on one container.
  • Combine lemon juice and turmeric powder for 1 teaspoon each, mix well.
  • Clean the armpits with water, then apply a cucumber paste on the blackened underarm skin surface. Wait 20 to 30 minutes, then clean it completely.

Lemon juice is useful to remove dead skin cells due to exposure to sunlight is also another problem. While turmeric powder is useful to prevent dark color changes in the armpits, and cucumbers in particular, presenting a cooling effect that relaxes the skin and helps avoid itching or irritation of the underarm skin so as not to leave black.

5. Turmeric

In turmeric there are kurkuminoid, namely dye composed of Curcumin, dihydrocurum, desmetoxicurcumin, and bisdesmetoksikurkumin. There are also essential oils, some minerals, and other substances that make the benefits of turmeric more and more, including brightening the dark underarms.

How to use turmeric to whiten armpits:

  • Take turmeric, clean it if there is dirt.
  • Shave neatly your armpit hair, if it is clean directly rub turmeric on the surface of underarm skin.
  • Keep in mind, before rubbing turmeric you should soak it into a solution of whiting.

Additional info:
Turmeric contains stronger volatile oils from essential oils empirically to provide anti-inflammatory properties equivalent to hydrocortisone and phenylbutazone drugs such as Motrin. Other benefits it has is to prevent liver cancer, colon, leukemia, and prostate. What an amazing spice kitchen this one.

6. Yoghurt and Milk

Equally healthy body and organs, also useful for external use. Thanks to the content of lactic acid in these two natural products, it is no wonder that collaboration of milk and yoghurt can whiten the armpits naturally.

As for how to whiten the underarm naturally with yogurt and milk as follows:
Prepare a medium-sized bowl, pour 2 tablespoons of tasteless yogurt and 3 tablespoons of fresh milk.
Stir well until smooth, then apply on the skin of each armpit before bathing. Let stand for 30 minutes before rinsing.
In the process of rinsing, use warm water to keep your armpits from sticking.

7. Floating Stone

You must know the stone that is often used as rubbing scrubbers. According to Deherba, this stone can also be used as a natural ingredient to remove dead skin cells on the armpit to make it brighter.

How to whiten armpits with a pumice stone:

  • Provide a smooth surface pumice stone.
  • Rinse underarm with water and soap, then grab the pumice stone.
  • Rub on the armpits slowly for a while, then rinse back with water.
  • 8. Head Oil and Orange Peel

Coconut oil and orange peel can be used as natural ingredients for skin care. Proven from its ability to grow and nourish hair, and overcome baldness and hair damage by menutrisinya into the skin. While the orange peel is useful to remove dead skin cells. If both blend, then the dark underarm skin problem that you experience will be resolved.

Here's how to whiten armpits with coconut oil and orange peel:

  • Prepare blenders and skins of some citrus fruits.
  • In a blender glass, you also drop coconut oil. After that the blender becomes a coarse grain (semi-pasta).
  • Finally, rub the material on both armpits until it dries and wipe with warm water.

9. Papaya and Honey

As we know, papaya is a delicious fruit that can help overcome difficult bowel movements. While honey is more often used to care for moist skin with exfoliation activity dead skin cells. Both of these materials can be invited to work together to overcome the problem of black underarms.

Here are tips on brighten skin color underarm with papaya and honey:
Blender a quarter of papaya fruit to smooth, mix with honey.
Apply papaya paste on the underarm skin, let stand 30 minutes. Rinse with water until clean.

10. Olive Oil

Feeling do not want to miss, olive oil also helps you who want to get the bright underarm skin like that crave. Benefits of olive oil must be partly you know, then from it directly to the way pemakainnya only.

Whitening armpits with olive oil:

  • Choose extra virgin olive oil, pour it into a bowl to taste. Give enough sugar.
  • Mix well and if necessary a little pounded until the sugar dissolves.
  • Use hand or cotton to apply olive oil to the armpit evenly.
  • Massage up to 5 minutes duration, after that let the content work to clean dead skin cells.
  • Lastly, wash with water and do the same process at least twice a day for a week. See the results.

Perhaps the above 10 natural ingredients already represent many other ingredients that are also considered able to brighten armpit. If you want to know how to whiten your armpits with other natural ingredients, maybe vinegar and apple juice can be included in the list with a treatment procedure that is not much different from the tenth ingredients above.

How To Prevent Skin Blackened Armpit

Before you practice it, do not forget to apply any tips on preventing black or black underarms following:

  • After using deodorant or other axillary moisturizing products, make sure that after the move to be cleaned up completely clean. Tap-puk tepuk sufficiently so as not to dry quickly.
  • If at any time the armpits look a bit blackened, you can do light treatment with vitamin E oil.
  • Avoid the habit of plucking underarm hair, also shave it the wrong way.
  • If you often use hair thresher cream, better reduce or stop. All of these creams contain chemicals that trigger skin itching, irritation, and red rash.
  • If you do not want to travel or meet people, do not need to use deodorant or anti-perspirant. Let your armpits moist natural. Or if you want to attend a semi-formal event, just use coconut oil before bathing.
  • A day of bathing at least 2 times. Note also the weather in your area, if the drought is a good shower 3 or 4 times a day, adjusted only. This is to make fresh armpit back because the inherent dirt will carry water.
  • Reduce the use of tight and synthetic clothing because this type of clothing makes your skin, especially in the axillary parts that rarely exhaled the air becomes more sweaty and a place of gathering dirt as well as bacteria.
  • Better to match cotton clothes as it can give "breath space" for your skin.
  • Once a few months visit a dermatologist to check your underarm condition. Indeed, the underarm odor or black underarm is not a disease, but there is nothing wrong if you care more about yourself.

That's how to whiten the armpit naturally and prevent it black. There is no guarantee of success, it all depends on your belief and hard work in carrying out. Good luck, do not forget to share this article with your relatives in social media. Greetings healthy!
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