14 Benefits of Kencur Rice and Herbal Manufacture

The benefits of rice kencur is as a tired body freshener. Hearing the word rice kencur, which comes to mind first time we are a Javanese herbal medicine that has a slightly sour sweet taste, with a distinctive kencur smell. Herbs kencur rice is delicious in drinking during the day and the heat blowing activity. In herbal medicine kencur rice has vitamin B content

Kencur which has the Latin name Kaempferia galangal L This includes one species with turmeric, ginger and galangal. If mixed with rice will produce a herb of rice kencur. Rice own kencur besides having vitamin B content, also contain essential oils, cinnamic acid, minerals, anisic acid, ethyl aster, methyl kanil acid, borneol, penta dekaan, alkaloid, kamphene paraeumarin, and gom.

Benefits of Kencat Rice

manfaat jamu beras kencur

  1. The benefits of herbs kencur rice
  2. Benefits of rice kencur to reduce pain
  3. With the essential oil content that is like an analgesic substance
  4. Benefits of rice kencur to give effect fresh and fit in the body
  5. By reducing the feeling of stiffness and fatigue in the body after the activity.
  6. Benefits of kencur rice to increase stamina
  7. Benefits of rice kencur to prevent acne
  8. Benefits of rice kencur to naturally occur in the body
  9. Benefits of rice kencur to relieve symptoms of colds
  10. Benefits of kencur rice to relieve migraine
  11. Benefits of kencur rice to increase appetite
  12. Especially in small children. Because kencur rice is known for its sweet taste rather than bitter like most herbs in general. So kids will love the taste
  13. The benefits of rice kencur unuk alleviate ulcer disease
  14. Consuming kencur rice regularly can help to thicken the walls of the stomach.

Rice kencur can be obtained from the seller of herbal medicine around, in a special herbal store, or now there is instant kencur rice that can be enjoyed by simply brewing it with warm water. But of course will be more nutritious when consuming natural kencur rice. Here's how to create it:

How To Make Rice Herb Kencur


  • 200 grams of white rice
  • 6 kencur segments
  • 2 segments of ginger
  • 250 grams of Java sugar
  • 2 small sections of turmeric
  • 2 small lime fruit
  • 10 grams of Javanese acid
  • Salt to taste

How to make herbs:

  1. Wash rice at least 2 times washing
  2. Soak the rice that had been washed for about 4 hours
  3. Meanwhile, heat 6 glasses of water. Enter the java sugar, tamarind, ginger and turmeric. Cook until boiling
  4. After boiling, strain the water before. And set aside
  5. Meanwhile, ginger and turmeric that followed boiled was milled together with kencur and rice until smooth
  6. After all the ingredients are fine, put the ingredients into a large capacity sieve and flush with the boiled water a little at a time as it is squeezed
  7. After the ingredients of rice kencur in can, add with lime juice and a little salt
  8. If the taste is less sweet herb, can be added with sugar or honey
Although eating kencur rice can provide fitness for the body, but should drink rice kencur or other herbal concoctions should be appropriate dosage and advice. Because if the consumption every day with an unusual dose, then the kidney is the first time will experience a negative impact.

So a brief review of the Benefits of Rice Kencur.
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