Natural Ways to Eliminate Acne Within 3 Days


Natural way that can eliminate acne in a short time we will discuss together with the causes and factors that can make the timbunya acne and what we should do so that acne does not appear again.

Here is an explanation of acne and why acne is there

Acne is one of the problems in the skin that is quite often experienced by everyone. Acne is an inflammation of the pus sacs caused by blockage of a pore-pore.

That is why the colors of acne vary. There is red, white, red or white mixed with pink.

Imagine, acne sufferers in the world is quite large in number.

This is due to a lack of attention to the health of the skin, stress, increase the amount of hormone during or before menstruation (women) and can also be caused by lack of knowledge about how to deal with the problem of acne is good and right.

The large number of dead skin cells and skin that tend to oily and dirt or dust that stick and not immediately cleaned make acne easily grow on the face.

But actually, not only the face, other body parts such as the chest and back can also be overgrown with acne. The smallest part of acne is blackheads.

Blackheads are white and black, blackheads are blackheads that are covered because they grow on top of the pores.

While blackheads are blackheads that grow inside the pores of the human. As blackheads continue to grow, it will become an acne.

Acne that appears first is the usual acne caused by bacteria that land on the face through a particular object or media.

Examples include talc or cosmetic tools containing oil and are not sterile, touching the face to the face while the hands are in a dirty state, or it could be other things that often stick to the face, such as mobile phones.

In addition to regular acne there is also a large acne often referred to as acne stone.

This acne usually grows because it is a hereditary factor.

The appearance of acne on the face of course makes the head so dizzy think, especially women. In addition to facial skin becomes sore and sore, any acne as small as any will make a person becomes not confident when wanting to activity outside the home. Not to mention the nosy friends who like to make someone acne become ingredient joke.

But you really do not need to worry, there are various kinds of acne medication sold in the market, but of course must be careful in choosing a drug for acne lost and not getting worse

It would be great if you use the fruits and plants aatu other natural ingredients to get rid of acne.


In addition to being used as a mask, tomatoes are believed to be powerful to get rid of acne. Simple ways that can be used by utilizing tomatoes are:

  • Rub the tomatoes into the face evenly
  • Leave on for 10 - 15 minutes
  • Then rinse and wash with warm water.
  • Wipe dry with a clean towel
  • Do this for 3 consecutive days for maximum results
  • For more information, please read How To Eliminate Acne With Tomato Fruit

2. Young corn

Young corn was originally believed only to overcome and eliminate scars or smallpox and indeed use young corn to eliminate smallpox very effective and proved very effective.

But maybe you never thought that young corn is also very efficacious to eliminate acne and even able to remove acne scars to make your face look more smooth and smooth.

  • Take 1 young corn which is almost white
  • Clean and then scar into small pieces that are still rough
  • put a little warm water on a container that contains warm water
  • Enter the result of the young grated corn in a container containing the water hanga
  • Mix and stir until evenly distributed
  • Wipe thoroughly onto the face surface
  • Leave on for 20 - 25 minutes
  • Then rinse with warm water
  • Dry with a clean towel by tapping the towels treated this way for 3 consecutive days for maximum results

3. Lime

It may be strange to use lime. But did you know that lime is very efficacious to eliminate acne. Use lime meat by rubbing it on a pimply face. You can also mix it with certain ingredients such as special powder or flour. But do not use it if on the face there are cuts or pimples have broken because skin irritation can occur. So be careful using this one material. Like Drugs, lemon included in the category of hard drugs.

4. Honey

Honey is a natural ingredient that has so many benefits and benefits. Honey is often used as a mixture of cosmetic ingredients or drugs. However, honey can also be consumed directly without mixture. Precisely many people suggest the use of pure honey without mixture compared with processed honey that has been mixed with other ingredients.

For how to apply honey as an acne medicine is as follows:

  • Take half or one spoon of honey
  • Wipe on the entire face until there is no gap at all
  • then let stand for 10 minutes
  • Can also mix honey with ambon banana meat and then make a face mask For more please read Benefits of Honey To Overcome Acne. Although acne is no cure, but the most important is to avoid exposure to direct sunlight when acne because acne will get worse

The most important thing to note is do not ever try to squeeze your acne, many bad kemungina can happen if you do it

Diligent to merwat and clean your face.Use a scrub or face wash soap that matches your skin type

Avoid usage of cosmetics that contain many chemicals

Take advantage of the above tips to overcome your acne with natural ingredients and waysRead also: Powerful Way to Overcome Anemia Natural Ways to Overcome Asthma Disease Quickly
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