The Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Beauty


Dragon fruit is already very famous for its benefits. For this article I will share with you about the benefits of dragon fruit for beauty. Dragon fruit can be utilized for beauty that is in the way made as a mask.

Is Safe Use of Dragon Fruit Mask?

Yes .. of course the dragon fruit mask is very safe. Many beauty experts recommend using dragon fruit to be made in masks for the following reasons:

  • High vitamin content of dragon fruit is useful as an antioxidant that can ward off free radicals. When used as a mask, dragon fruit can prevent the appearance of acne.
  • The extracts of all parts of the dragon fruit can be utilized to improve the condition of damaged skin, for example due to injury. Even in western countries used as an anti-sunburn or relieve heat from sunburn, because the water content, protein, hydroxyproline chemicals, its ability to attract water, and DNA collagen in dragon fruit can repair skin epithelial cells back to normal.
  • From research experts, dragon fruit that contains water nearly 90 percent, it also contains DNA collagen is very good for maintaining skin elasticity. But, this can be obtained when dragon fruit is processed in such a way as to be a cosmetic ingredient in the form of face cream.
  • Whatever the type, dragon fruit contains many vitamins, especially vitamin E and C. Both of these vitamins are known as good antioxidants for the skin, especially to inhibit the aging process and overcome wrinkles on the face (antiwrinkle).
  • Dragon fruit can also be used as a scrub to peel away dead skin cells, so it will be replaced with new skin cells are better. That's because dragon fruit contains small seeds that are evenly distributed.
  • The Benefits of Dragon Fruit For Beauty

What Are The Benefits Of Dragon Fruit For Beauty?

The benefits of dragon fruit for beauty very much, and already many blogs or websites that have written it. this time also has summarized some of the benefits of dragon fruit for beauty, including:

1. Improving Skin Conditions

Prepare leaves, flowers, wrapping skin and dragon fruit flesh. Take just a few pieces, for example one leaf, one flower bud, and half the unpeeled dragon flesh. Cut into small pieces, put in blender and puree. Apply to skin that is injured or sunburn. Leave on for 20 minutes, then wipe with water.

2. Makes Smooth Smooth Skin

Take medium-sized dragon fruit, peel and wash thoroughly. Then cut into small pieces and put in a blender or juicer by adding a little water. Once smooth, apply to the entire body and face while gently rubbed. Rinse with water and bath as usual. Perform this treatment on a regular basis to get smooth and glowing skin.

3. Maintain Elastic Skin

Take the dragon fruit cream. Apply thin to face. Allow to dry by itself. Then wash your face with warm water and dry.

4. Overcoming Premature Aging

Take a medium-sized dragon fruit. Peel the skin, then wash thoroughly. Next cut into small pieces, add a little water and puree with a blender. After resembling a paste, put it in a container, then add two tablespoons of honey. Stir and apply to face. Let stand 20 minutes then rinse with clean water. Next apply a moisturizer.

5. Preventing the growth of acne

it turns out dragon fruit can overcome acne, how: take half the dragon fruit flesh, cut into small pieces. Blend with a blender or grated to a paste. This paste is slightly sticky because it contains many enzymes. Apply pasta to face. Let stand 15-20 minutes then wipe using a soft cloth that has been dipped in warm water. Dry with a towel, then apply a moisturizer.

So that I can share to you all about the benefits of dragon fruit for beauty, May be useful.
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