How To Make Mr. Men Birthday Cake


This project is a lesson on using fondant to me, really. I loved working with fondant. It’s very easy if you think about it as “Playdoh for Grownups”.

My son loves Mr. Men. He is obsessed with them. He has about 60 of their books. What i love about Mr. Men [and Little Miss] is that it teaches adjectives quite well. Especially for my son who’s has apraxia of speech. When people don’t understand him or his sign language, we encourage him to describe what he’s talking about. The Mr. Men books not only taught him advanced vocabulary, it’s encouraged him to use more and more words which he probably already knows but never thought to use. What I don’t like is Mr. Bump’s favorite expression – “poopity-poop!”. It’s not so bad really but my son now always talks about poop. I realize all five year-olds find this word funny but when you hear it at least twice every hour, it’s a different story :-)

Anyway, back to the cake. What I can share here is what I learned in using fondant — basically, my version of “Basics of Fondant”.

The first time fondant is used can be expensive. You’ll need the basic materials but I’ll tell you which ones I think you really need to purchase.
  • Artificial Gel Coloring
  • White fondant
The other optional things are the following:
  • Fondant rolling pin. While I was at the store, I was wondering what’s different about it compared to the one I have at home. I decided to purchase one because the one I have at home is not as long. But after making the fondant, I decided, that it would be okay to use my regular rolling pin so long as it is cleaned well.
  • Fondant Smoother. I didn’t use one on mine. I just used my hands but I can see this is useful if you’re a perfectionist.
  • Roll-n-cut mat. Very useful to guarantee you have enough fondant to cover your cake. I needed this because I’m not experienced enough to just eyeball and I didn’t have much time for mistakes.

I made the basic layer with white fondant and basically used an entire bottle of artificial coloring and still didnt get it dark enough but it tured out pretty well I think. I recommend just buying dark brown fondant which wasn’t available to me and I didn’t have time to get it here by mail.

When I sprayed my fondant with water, it didn’t come out evenly so you can see some parts of the cake are darker than the others. Next time, I will skip the water spray unless I have a good sprayer.
The circles turned out nice but I used that to take attention away from the damage the water spray made. I think it did take the attention away.

I covered the bottom with ribbon to cover the fondant folds at the bottom of the cake. It’s my first time, so it didnt’ quite turn out as flat as I wanted to but I’m sure I’ll get better the more I do this. I also don’t know how to make the icing borders which would have been great for this cake.

I was very happy with how it turned out. Even better, people loved the cake as well. I used the WASC recipe on I followed the box directions on temperature instead of what was recommended in the recipe.

This is it! My first fondant project. I loved how it turned out. I hope to make more in the future.
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