4 Natural Ways to Overcome Burns


Burns are wounds or injuries to the skin and body caused by heat (excessive sun exposure), electricity (strained by lightning and electric shock or hit during cooking), radiation (hot vapor out of operation equipment), chemicals (exposed splashes of harmful chemical fluids while working or while doing lab work in the laboratory).

Burns initially only about the skin and the outside, but also can penetrate the skin layer below It can even affect the entire layer of skin to the bone and muscle tissue.

Conditions like this is quite severe and could have caused someone who experienced it to be disabled for life. Because burns are different - different, so different handling.

Depending on how severe the burn is experienced. If the burn is already at the last level or very severe, then the only path is a skin grafting operation or plastic surgery.

If a person has burns, should be treated immediately even if the wound is only a minor injury. This is done to prevent the occurrence of infections and inflammation of the skin that can aggravate the condition of the wound Taking the road surgery to treat burns, of course, costs are not small. Can reach tens of millions rupiah. Burns can cause skin blister, charred, peeling, redden and may be swollen.

Natural Ways to Overcome Burns

When you suffer from burns, you should immediately do the handling by cleaning the wound with a tool and a sterile material, do not compress or clean the wound with cold water (ice water) because the injury could actually worse.In addition to treating burns by medical means, we can also use the traditional way as a first step to handle it. The traditional ways are:

1. Potatoes
Anti-irritant properties contained by a potato, can prevent blisters and reduce skin disease due to burns. How:

Take a fresh potato
Wash clean and thinly sliced
Rub gently on the burned or blistered skin

2. Tea
As we know, tea contains tannic acid that can relieve pain. Teh can also be used to treat blister sores that make skin and hands feel pain. How to apply is as follows:

Dip a tea bag into a glass of warm water
then take the tea bag and dip it again into a glass of cold water.
Take the tea bag and spread on the injured part

The cold and the benefits of tea will feel refreshing and make the burn so quickly dry. use this treatment every time you experience it, because this treatment proves to be very potent and potent.

3. Aloe vera
Aloe vera is one of the unique plant species and has many benefits for health and beauty. One of the most common benefits used for aloe vera is for hair health. But did you know that this plant can also be used to treat burns.

The way pengaplikasinnya was very easy. Take fresh aloe leaves, Then wipe on your burns. The refreshing cooling of the aloe vera will make the area around your burn to be fresh and the pain becomes reduced by itself

In traditional medicine, honey is very often used because it contains natural antibiotics that can heal wounds and prevent it from possible infections. When you have burns, you can also use honey to sterilize the wound and prevent burns on skin so as not to blister.

How to apply burn treatment with honey is very easy. just by applying honey on the wounded skin. This alternative medicine has been around since time immemorial. So do not ever doubt the benefits of honey.
How To Treat Burns Quickly

In addition to the above methods, there are also other ways you can do to cure burns. Among them

: #Using Toothpaste
Toothpaste is believed and proven scientifically as a tooth and mouth cleanser. But did you know that there has been an invention about the use of toothpaste as a burn medicine. The way is easy enough. Just apply toothpaste in the wounded area and let until the toothpaste dries. If it starts to dry, clean it and replace it with a new paste

# Overcoming the Banana Fruit
Burns that occur suddenly usually make us panic and do not know what to do to handle it. Banana fruit is the best alternative when you are used. The fruit used is a kind of small banana fruit that is ripe. How, by destroying the banana and then apply on the sore area. The above is a way that has been often done and has proven efficacy. Please try at home
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